I live in a house where almost everything is automated. And I mean literally. Lights, doors, shades all are integrated into our famil’s Apple HomeKit. We are receiving messages when washing machine ends it’s cycle. Tumble dryer informs us that clothes are ready. That’s my hobby and my kids and wife have to live with it. I am using Domoticz as a central hub for all my devices and Homebridge to share them within my family.

If something is not working in my home setup, I start to get angry phone calls immediately. It’s like a part time IT support…

There are many approaches to token sales all over the world. I won’t delve deeper in to the specifics of each but instead try to explain our decision to go with a “Dutch auction” bidding style.

What is our ICOP token?

We are not issuing tokens as service API keys (utility token), nor are we inventing a new “proof of something” concept to maintain our own blockchain. We are building our system on top of the Ethereum virtual machine. All transaction fees and payments will be in ETH.

Like everyone organizing an ICO, we need funding. Before the ICO “era” the conventional approach was to…

Gints Kirsteins

Co-founder at www.notakey.com, entrepreneur

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